Desires Kalpdroom

What is ‘Desires Kalpdroom’ ?

  • It is for all human being who need to understand how to make their life balance & get happiness to their life.
  • It is mind training tools to set ‘main goals of life’ and understand ‘how to achieve them’.
  • ‘Desires Kalpdroom’ is coded by unique code starting with ‘YK’ along with ‘Birth date & Name of the person.

‘Desires Kalpdroom’ for whom ?

  • It is for every person who want to explore their desires into universe.

What is the other benefits of the ‘Desires Kalpdroom’ ?

  • To explore desires.
  • For Next generation or public.
  • Visualize desires.
  • Exploring desires to universe.
  • It’s great mind training & exploring tool.

Why it is different & unique ?

  • It’s not just tangible art but contain intangible values, which invaluable. It’s holly & divine and can make positive changes in user’s life.

What is the price of the ‘Desires Kalpdroom’ ?

  • Currently Rs.1,25,000/- in India including packing & shipping in India.
  • Out side India $ 4000 (USD) CIF. (Import Duty not include).

How can make order of the ‘Desires Kalpdroom’ ?

  • First step is, submit your inquiry via following form; We will contact for next step, after receiving your inquiry form.

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