About Kalpdroom

What is Kalpdroom ?

  • Kalpdroom is an artistic tree with four parts.

What is the meaning of ‘four parts’ , How it works ?

  • When you explore your desires or sankalpas or vision & mission towards ‘Kalpdroom’ ;

‘Blue Chakra of the Kalpadroom’ explores ‘desires for others’

In business kalpdroom, ‘Blue Chakra’ explores ‘Vision’ into universe.


‘Pink Chakra of the Kalpadroom’ explores ‘desires for own’

In business kalpdroom, ‘Pink Chakra’ explores ‘Missions’ into universe.

‘Trunk’ is the symbol of the ‘Balance Life’ with ‘Main Goals of Human Life’.

It’s the base & foundation of the ‘Kalpdroom’ & ‘Life’.

‘Yujon Chakra’ is the symbolic wheel & also symbol of the sun, which is sending all desires or vision & mission attached (mentally attached) with ‘Blue Wheel’ & ‘Pink Wheel’, to the universe to fulfill & attraction as per ‘law of attraction’.

What materials used to make ‘Kalpdroom’ ?

  • Canvas
  • Oil Paint On Canvas (Tree)
  • Other Details by Printing Ink.

What is the meaning word ‘Kalpdroom’ ?

  • Kalpdroom is the Sanskrit root word of  ‘Kalpavriksha’. IT’s imagination tree to fulfill desires & Dreams.
  • Kalpdroom is also called as ‘Desire Tree’, ‘Dream Tree’ or ‘Life Balance Tree’.

Who is the founder of the ‘Kalpdroom’ ?

  • Dr. Lalit Kachhadiya (Yogic Scientist & Holistic Living Consultant) is the founder of the ‘Yujon’ & ‘Kalpdroom’.

Why found ‘Kalpdroom’ , What is the purpose of the ‘Kalpdroom’ ?

  • To give ‘balance life, peace of mind, positivity & happiness’  to every individuals, who is interested in faith & self confidence along with ‘cosmic law of attraction.
  • It’s the secret of the secret.

Why It is called as ‘Yujon Kalpdroom‘ ?

  • ‘Yujon’ means ‘to unite always’. Yujon is founded by the Dr. Lalit Kachhadiya, by merging two words ‘Yuj’ (it is sanskrit root word of the yoga & it means ‘to unite’) and ‘On’ (it means ‘always’) . So meaning of the ‘Yujon’ is ‘to unite always’.
  • ‘Yujon Kalpdroom’ is connecting user to ‘univers’ or ‘goals’ constantly without any break. So, possibility to fulfill goals or desires will be higher and higher.